The Town of Epernay and its tourist office ‘Pays de Champagne’ are offering you a one-of-a-kind immersive experience! Thanks to Overlap Reality® technology, developed by SkyBoy, you can dive in to the heart of Avenue de Champagne.

After downloading the application, make your way to one of the viewing points and, using your smartphone or tablet, launch the experience.
As if by magic, as you follow a series of spots that mark out this incredible avenue, a guide will appear in front of you and reveal the history and secrets of this emblematic UNESCO World Heritage site of Champagne’s Hillsides, Houses and Cellars.

You will also discover the ingenuity of the most renowned Champagne houses’ production sites and their incredible qualities that set them apart. The castles, mansions and manor houses, reveal their secrets and take on another dimension when seen through SkyBoy’s prism.

An original journey that takes you high up in to the sky and down below the ground, to the confines of Champagne’s most prestigious cellars…


Galeries lafayette

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